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Tom Stewart
3 min readAug 14, 2020

Congress has left town. They left for a ‘vacation from… what? The House has actually been doing something, they’ve passed some 400 bills that Mitch McConnell is using to hold up his TV so he and Lindsey can watch their ‘stories’. Not read the bills, not allow them to go to an up or down vote… nope, just sit there while Mitch puts up his feet and laughs. Now, they’re gone. They packed up their little brief cases and figured out ways to avoid their voters. Vacation until September 8th.

Of course.

So, no covid relief bill, Right now, the GOP is pretending to be ‘concerned’ about ‘spending’. They’re a couple months early, they usually only get concerned when a Democrat is in the White House. They probably wanted to be back in practice as they have faced the probable reality of Trump going down in a crushing Blue Wave (gonna capitalize that, yep). Maybe the GOP will lose the senate as well.

So, what happened? The GOP did. They’re busy denying the pain of millions of unemployed so they can politicize the virus even further. They don’t care. They will use the virus to pass tax cuts, to deregulate our water, air, and land, to try and protect companies from any responsibility for their re-opening and the safety of their workers, but they won’t help the ordinary people, you know, the people who can’t afford their own politician. They didn’t even bother to start ‘work’ on one until a couple days before the last one ran out. They don’t care.

Well, what about the Democrats? What have they been up to, huh? Yeah, huh? What?!!

Well, the Democrats passed a bill, two months ago that would help with virus relief. It’s a big and pretty thorough bill with money for schools, cities, states, individuals, and extends the unemployment payments. But the bill would do something else; it would help Donald Trump.

Yep, it would help Donny.

You get money out to people, they will spend it; pay bills, pay rent, buy food, the money going right back into the economy. This is what Trump supposedly wants, get the economy going or at least in a place where it’s not going down anymore.

And he said ‘no.’

And the GOP backed him up. Mark Meadows, professional bomb-thrower is supposedly ‘negotiating’ a deal. This is a guy who have never saw in deal in congress that he didn’t blow up, and he’s doing the same here. The whole Tea Party DNA is deep with this one.

The whole thing is not only against the interest of the people, but against the interests of Trump and the GOP as well. His policy of, basically, letting people die and now making sure those still here will be as miserable as possible is hurting us and hurting him. It’s building a huge blue wave that is coming right at them. Their actions seem to welcome it.

And now congress has left town. Even the latest Fox News poll tells us people are hurting and need help. This would have made Trump and the GOP look good. For a change.

But… No.

The whole thing is insane. I’m not being cute calling it that, it is literally not sane.

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